Your first line of defence against fire is effective fire extinguishers. Based on the business and the study, D.K.I Services Ltd will install any type of fire extinguisher that meets the British standard of approval.

Types of extinguishers we supply


If your business has a lot of combustible material, such as paper, wood and fabrics, then installing water extinguishers is the best choice. Water is the best and fastest means of extinguishing fires generated from these materials.
Fire extinguishers

Foam spray

Does your business deal with flammable liquids? Whether you are a restaurant or a business that deals with flammable spirits, the ideal type of extinguisher is foam spray. They curb fires from combustible materials and liquids that catch fire easily such as oils, grease and fat.
Foam spray


These kinds of extinguishers are more specific to dangers involving gases such as propane and butane. Powder extinguishers are also highly effective during electrical fires.
Powder dispensing extinguisher

Carbon Dioxide

The special properties of carbon dioxide means it is non-corrosive and non-conductive. This makes it ideal for dealing with fires involving large machinery and electrical equipment, as well as flammable liquids.
The qualified engineers at DKI Services Ltd can also assess your fire risk and help in installing fire alarms and emergency lighting.
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