Emergency Lighting


Darkness is the biggest threat in an emergency situation as it hinders the entire evacuation process. We offer to install and maintain various lighting equipment across Kent, Sussex, South End and London.

Making evacuations easy and safe

As per the British safety legislation, it is a legal requirement to provide emergency lighting to illuminate the escape routes until a point of safety is reached.
During an emergency, when the normal power supply fails, the minimum back-up duration of emergency lighting is between 1 - 3 hours. We help to ensure that your business abides by this rule.
When our team comes to assess your requirements, they will explain the wide choices of lighting available as well as offer suggestions based on your building structure and business requirement.
Emergency exit

Variety of emergency lighting we offer

  • Exit lights
  • Overhead lights
  • Stair illumination
  • Floor illumination
  • Maintained lighting
  • Non-maintained lighting
At DKI Services Ltd, we also offer to conduct fire risk assessment of your business not just in Kent but across Sussex, London and the South East.
Exit lights
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D.K.I Services Ltd offers to install emergency lighting in your premises. Call us for an appointment on 01622 882 311

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